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Knee-High Ninja Program

The Knee-High Ninja program will consist of learning a new skill every class and using that skill in drills/games and building on each skill along their journey. Knee-High Ninja’s will work on focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness, coordination all while having fun and making new friends.

Kid's Martial Arts

Give Your Kids the Lifelong Gifts of Personal Success, Confidence, Discipline and Self-Defense
...While Making Sure They Have a TON of FunMartial arts classes normally makes you think of self-defense, being strong, fit and safe. The truth is, it’s all that and WAY more!

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teens & Adults Martial arts

Does Your Teenager Need Help Becoming Their Best Selves?
Instead of giving into the moodiness and attitude, take them to our martial arts school instead!Teenagers are smart and capable – but they can also be their own worst enemies. Between peer pressure, their innate urge to rebel against their parents, and their surging hormones, they can be impossible to be around. But all they need is an outlet for their frustrations – and an opportunity to learn how to be their best.

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Family Karate Program

Our family karate class gives parents and their children a chance to bond over learning something new. They will share in a new experience and be able to practice together. Both the parent and child will benefit from martial arts in coordination, increased strength, physical conditioning, focus, self-confidence, flexibility and so much more. Most importantly they will do it together!

Fitranx Fitness Level Up Program

We are proud to be a Fitranx gym and part of this program. FitRanX is a standardized level training system used for gauging your fitness level. This is not a system based on how long you have been at a facility or how much your coach thinks you have improved. FitRanX is NOT about competing with anyone else…it’s all about being better than you were yesterday. We prove this to you by progressing you through our Level system.

As you pass through the FitRanX system, you get recognized for your hard work by earning different color Dog Tags for each rank you achieve. Plus you get recognized in front of your peers with our Wall of Fame and receive a Certificate of Achievement for each Level Test passed.

· Earn different color Dog Tags
· Get on the Wall of Fame
· Receive your Certificate of Achievement

Group Training

Are you frustrated by your diet and exercise regimen?

Losing weight and getting in shape can be hard. What you may not realize is that many popular diets and exercise programs don’t give your body what it needs. In other words, the things you’re doing to get healthy may actually be hurting you instead of making you stronger.


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Fitness Kickboxing

Are You Tired of the Same Cardio Workouts?
Come See Results and Have Some FUN.Are you ready to feel empowered, lose weight, and get your health back on track? Fitness Kickboxing will leave you feeling ready to take on life.Not only will you be burning through calories, but you will be having fun with a group of like-minded people. Our group-oriented approach will have you feeling motivated and also keep you inspired throughout our workouts.

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Aerial Yoga/Fitness

Aerial Yoga, sometimes called yoga silks, yoga hammock, or anti-gravity yoga is practiced using a sling of fabric hanging from the ceiling. This is an incredible form of yoga that can be anything from completely therapeutic to an amazing workout. It quickly improves flexibility, balance, deep core and upper body strength. It is also an incredible tool to release muscles and traction your spine.

AcroFit and AcroYoga

AcroFit and AcroYoga not only provide instant friendship and community but can also be described as “Cirque du Soleil for the everyday person.” Because above all else it is fun and exciting. The looks of wonderment from a first time flyer are priceless. It truly brings out the inner child. There might not be any other fitness practice where you’ll laugh and smile as much, while still effectively training both strength and flexibility. You don't need to lift weights when you can lift up your friends! You won’t even notice what an incredible workout you’re getting because Acro is so fun - it isn’t referred to as training or practicing it’s referred to as “playing!”
-Acrofit is generally a shorter class - 50-60min and includes a brief but fun section of HIIT, whereas -AcroYoga is a more in depth class - 75-90min, where you will learn the alignment and techniques to do more advanced and exciting skills!

Personal Training

It’s Time to Pursue Your Fitness Goals

Getting in shape isn’t easy. Every human body is unique – and what helps your friends get fit may not work for you. The key to achieving your fitness goals is understanding what your body needs and then providing it – and a personal trainer can help you do that.

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Nutrition coaching

FOOD DOESN't have to be the enemy

Learn how choosing the right foods to eat can help you lose weight and be healthy. Eating a healthy diet can be a real challenge. Many of the foods and snacks that make up our diets aren’t healthy, but we eat them because they’re readily available and they taste good. A nutritional coach can help you understand what goes into your body, and teach you to make healthy choices.

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Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a combination of traction, assisted stretching and deep trigger point massage. The recipient remains clothed during a treatment. There is constant body contact between the giver and receiver, but rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked, releasing deep tension and reversing poor alignment and pain patterns.

Floating silk massage

A unique and extraordinary massage method combining suspension in a silky soft aerial hammock with full body mobilization, traction, assisted stretching and deep trigger point massage.

Summer Camps

A Summer Experience They’ll Carry with Them All Year Long
Our Summer Camp Provides Fun and Learning for Kids of All AgesSummer vacation is a time when parents need to find activities for their kids. This year, why not try our summer camp? Your kids will learn from expert instructors while having fun and making new friends. In other words, it’s the ideal summer experience!

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Birthday Parties

Tired of the Same Old Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas?
Try Something New This Year with a Martial Arts-Themed Birthday Party in a Real Martial Arts School!Kids’ birthday parties need to be fun, active, and interesting. Our martial arts-themed parties give your child a cool way to celebrate getting older with their friends and family members.

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event Space

Are you tired of hosting meetings in a boring environment? We can help you out! Instead of sitting in a meeting room, add some flare to your next staff meeting, client meeting, birthday celebration, couples night out and start with a self-defense workshop, Intro to karate class, fitness/nutrition class (make it more fun with a themed fitness class), or just use the space and come up with your own event. Large great space…so many possibilities!! Bring your own refreshments or we partner with a nearby restaurant. No set up or clean up…just show up! 

Karate Belt Tests

We celebrate every belt level at the Dojo of Karate. We feel every step to your Black Belt is important and should be recognized. We hold Belt Tests once a quarter on a Saturday so family and friends can come and support those testing. We then conclude with an award ceremony and celebration cake after the test so students will receive their next belt level on the same day. We do not charge for belt tests or belts until the Black Belt level

Get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Request more information today to find out how you or your child can start training!